Most Extensive Radiosurgery History in the World

1981-1989: First Gamma Knife in U.S. This is the original Gamma Knife designed by Larson and Leksell and donated to UCLA by Lars Leksell.

gamma knife

1990-1996 Philips SRS200 Linac system. Utilized a floor stand and isocentric subsystem to achieve high (< 0.3 mm) mechanical accuracy.
This isocentric accuracy is the "gold standard" against which other systems are now judged.

1996-1997: Dedicated radiosurgery linac utilizing Varian and Radionics (XKnife) technology.

1997-present: World's first Novalis shaped beam radiosurgery system with integrated treatment planning, record-and-verify, delivery.

Feb 2009: Novalis Tx with Varians RapidArcradiotherapy technology installed.