Malu Tolentino Director 310-794-7958 [email protected]
Mary Moried Fund Manager 310-206-5259 [email protected]
Rachel Kim Fund Manager 310-825-3610 [email protected]
Tamela Gould-Parker Fund Manager 310-206-3099 [email protected]
Gina Ruiz Fund Manager 310-206-8586 [email protected]
Holly He Fund Manager 310-206-7080 [email protected]
Nancy Tse Fund Manager 310-206-6233 [email protected]
San Li Assistant 310-206-6256 [email protected]

Contract and Grant Submission

All Federal eg. NIH, DOD     Nancy Tse  
Other Non-Clinical Trial   Nancy Tse  
All Clinical Trials   Mary Moried  

S2S Grant Submission Training, please call: Nancy Tse or Holly He


Contract and Grant Fund Management




Clinical Trials
Thoracic Surgery All

Rachel Kim

Mary Moried
General Surgery All Tamela Gould-Porter Mary Moried
Surgical Oncology All except
Rachel Kim
Malu Tolentino
Tamela Gould-Porter
Mary Moried
Malu Tolentino
Mary Moried
Pediatric Surgery All Holly He Mary Moried
Plastic Surgery All Holly He Mary Moried
Cardiac Surgery All except
Tamela Gould-Porter
Malu Tolentino

Mary Moried

Liver and Pancreatic
All Gina Ruiz
Malu Tolentino
Mary Moried
Vascular Surgery All Mary Moried Mary Moried

Effort Reporting

Effort Reporting Coordinator   Gina Ruiz