UCLA – Anthem Blue Cross PPO Enhanced Care Coordination ACO

Let's work together to help you stay healthy!

UCLA Medical Group is dedicated to giving you the highest level of care and service. That's why we are glad to tell you about a new program focused on enhanced care coordination. We are working with Anthem Blue Cross to give you access to more information - and a whole team of health care professionals - to better support you in managing your health care needs.

Your team here at UCLA and Anthem Blue Cross will set up extra care when you need it and give you the support and resources you need most. Depending on your needs, your team may include:

  • Your UCLA doctor
  • A care coordinator in your doctor's office who will work with you to make managing your health care easier. Your care coordinator will be in addition to your doctor or other providers that you currently see.
  • A care coordinator when you are at a rehabilitation facility or discharged to your home.
  • A clinical pharmacist who can assist you with understanding your medications

Get these extra services at no extra cost.
As part of enhanced care coordination, these services are an added value to you and are now part of your Anthem PPO plan at no additional cost. There's no change to your benefit plan, you're still a part of the Anthem Blue Cross PPO plan, just as you were before. Your care coordinator will call to set up a time to meet with you and give you more details about the program. Your care coordinator and doctor will create a care plan just for you.

It's your choice to participate in our new care program. If you decide the program does not meet your needs, or is not a good fit for you, you may stop participating at any time. As an Anthem PPO member, regardless of your choice, you will still have the same access to your UCLA doctor as you have today.

You are the most important part of the team.
By signing your name and returning the enclosed Enhanced Care Coordination Participating Member Form, you are taking the first step towards enhanced care coordination.

On behalf of UCLA Medical Group and Anthem Blue Cross, we look forward to building an even stronger partnership and giving you a great health care experience.

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