Brian Zunner-Keating headshot

Brian Zunner-Keating, MS, RN


Director, Homeless Healthcare Collaborative, UCLA Health


Brian Zunner-Keating is a registered nurse with clinical expertise in public and community health. As a nurse, he began his career with Boston Healthcare for the Homeless in their medical respite center. This experience inspired him to pursue a degree in public health nursing from the University of California, San Francisco. Prior to joining UCLA Health, Zunner-Keating worked on a mobile clinic in Los Angeles where he worked as a nurse while also improving program evaluation, optimizing the electronic health record system, and helping design two brand new mobile units. His passion for advocacy and system-level improvements led him to health care administration. Since joining UCLA Health in 2016, Zunner-Keating has worked in the Quality and Performance Excellence departments. He has facilitated a variety of institutional initiatives including readmission reduction initiatives, clinical denial prevention, and the implementation of UV germicidal irradiation for N95 reuse during the COVID-19 pandemic. During his spare time, Zunner-Keating enjoys playing saxophone, working on cars, tinkering, and spending time with his family.


Zunner-Keating graduated with a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Boston College and earned his master’s degree in advanced practice public health nursing from UCSF.