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U make our achievements possible

As employees of UCLA Health and the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, you are part of an extraordinary community. We are proud of our state and national rankings. Every day, we practice our mission to deliver world-class care, discover the latest in medical advances, conduct pioneering research, and educate the next generation of those who are pursuing careers in medicine and the biomedical sciences.

Your philanthropy sends a powerful message to our patients and community: we believe in UCLA and its mission and you should, too. You can choose to support the departments and programs you feel most passionately about, or you can give to one of our high priority funds:

President's Greatest Needs

President's Greatest Needs

The world of health care changes every day. Gifts to our greatest needs allow UCLA Health to respond in real time—whether it’s serving a patient who needs a breakthrough treatment, investing in the latest equipment, or improving and expanding our facilities. Your gift also enhances the patient experience through programs such as Music at the Med and Spiritual Care, and provides assistance to vulnerable individuals and families who are aided through our Care Coordination and Social Work services.

Dean's Highest Priorities

Dean's Highest Priorities

 A gift to the Dean’s Highest Priorities fund will enable school leaders to make strategic investments that advance science and health care, whether by establishing world-class training facilities for students and fellows, increasing scholarship support for aspiring scientists and physicians, or getting the next life-changing therapy to the patient. Your generosity will empower faculty, students, and staff to maximize every opportunity for developing the health care of the future.

Department of Nursing

Department of Nursing

 UCLA Health not only meets the highest standards in nursing, but sets them. A contribution of any size to the Department of Nursing Greatest Needs fund provides much-needed resources to our nurses as they dedicate themselves to providing the kind of care that all patients deserve.

Medical Education

Medical Education

Your gift to the Medical Education fund can help position healthcare leaders and their teams to thrive in medicine and science. Your gift and support may ultimately help these students to provide exceptional care to the people of Los Angeles, the nation and the world. 

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What inspires U?

Whether you’re passionate about innovative research in areas like regenerative medicine, cancer, or Alzheimer’s disease, are most inspired by our work in the community through programs like the Mobile Clinic Project or Sound Body Sound Mind, or wish to honor a loved one or caregiver you admire, your gift to the fund of your choice makes a real and immediate impact. Give back to the area that inspires you.

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Create big impact through the power of U

Harness the power of your personal network and crowdfund a cause that matters to you. Create a personal fundraising page and share it easily across all of your social media accounts. Unlike external crowdfunding websites, there are no hidden host fees — 100% of the donations stay with UCLA. You can help lend a voice to the meaningful research, education, and patient care you witness and take part in every day.

Whatever your passion, you can make a real and immediate impact and change lives. Only you can tell your story. Personal fundraising begins with you.

Honor a colleague

Honor a colleague

 Honor a colleague or friend, recognize a fellow caregiver, or remember a loved one with your gift.

Give monthly

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 Amplify the impact of your gift while staying on a schedule you're comfortable with.

Plan your gift for the future

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 Join fellow visionaries and empower future generations with a gift through your will or living trust.

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Why I Give...

Feel inspired by your friends and colleagues. Why do they support UCLA Health?

Dr. Phuong-Thu Pham, Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCLA
Dr. Phuong-Thu Pham (right) and her sister, Dr. Phuong-Chi Pham (left)

Dr. Phuong-Thu Pham, Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCLA

“In our daily practice of medicine, we have witnessed so many situations where patients struggle on a daily basis to get what we all take for granted: a frail liver-kidney transplant patient who leaves clinic without being seen because she has no money for co-pay, a patient who cannot return for follow-up visits because he has no money for gas and parking fees...what would our parents have done? As God has given us the greatest blessings to be raised by the most dedicated and loving parents, we strive to share our parents’ giving spirits with others.”

Dr. Wally Ghurabi, Medical Director

Dr. Wally Ghurabi, Medical Director, Nethercutt Emergency Center, UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica

“I support UCLA Health because of the profound impact it’s had on me and my family. UCLA helped my youngest daughter to see. UCLA helped cure my beloved wife of lung cancer. Another daughter was trained here and has gone on to become an Emergency Physician. For my part, ever since the Northridge earthquake I’ve had a personal calling to do Emergency Medicine. UCLA has allowed me the opportunity to continue doing what I love.”