Visiting Hours

Visiting hours are limited in order to allow enough time for medical testing and unit programs. Please remind friends and family to call to make sure you will be available when they visit, as some tests are done “on-call”. We encourage you to visit in the day room/dining room but visiting in your room may be permitted. At times, visitation may be monitored depending on your situation. Visitors of any age may visit. Children 12 and under must be supervised by an adult at all times.

Smoking: The UCLA Health System (including the RNPH), the UCLA Health Sciences and surrounding campus area are a smoke free environment. The smoke free initiative is based on the fact that tobacco is the leading preventable cause of death, affecting virtually every organ system in the body. The purpose is to promote and advocate for the health and well being of our faculty, staff, students, trainees, volunteers, and most importantly, patients and their families.

We acknowledge the particular challenges this will create for persons with mental illness or addictive disorders who are smokers as smoking is one way to deal with stress and cope with psychiatric symptoms. The RNPH wants you to know we will treat the physical addiction to nicotine by promptly providing nicotine replacement therapy (NTR) aiming to minimize and/or avoid nicotine withdrawal symptoms or discomfort. In addition counseling interventions to address behaviors associated with smoking will be individualized and scheduled into the in-patient program.


The RNPH is an acute hospital, so the stay with us, in all likelihood, will be brief. The goal of this hospitalization is to deal with the crisis and acute symptoms, which brought the patient to the hospital. Once this occurs, the treatment team will assist the patient to move to a less acute level of care. This may be to a partial hospitalization program, residential care, a structured recovery program, or outpatient individual therapy. The treatment team facilitates the discharge so that a smooth transition occurs.

Visiting Hours and Unit Contact Information

 4 East Visiting Hours

  • Monday - Friday 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm
  • Saturday/Sunday & Holiday 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

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