Adolescent Partial Hospitalization Program

Welcome to the Adolescent Partial Hospital Program of the UCLA Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital, part of the continuum of care provided by the Adolescent Service.  We offer intensive, time-limited day treatment, including therapeutically intensive clinical services and group interventions. In addition, an academic program is provided to our patients on site through the Berenece Carlson Home Hospital School of the Los Angeles Unified School District when school is in session.

Many patients in this program may be transitioning from the adolescent inpatient programs of UCLA 4West.  For these patients, we facilitate the transition from the intensive and restrictive structure of inpatient hospitalization back into the home, community and ultimately to outpatient support.  Other patients who are appropriate for admission to our program may be admitted directly with a referral from an outpatient clinician.  For all patients, the APHP provides a high degree of support, supervision and treatment in an open setting that also allows patients time for increased interaction with their families, friends and communities outside of program hours. 

Patients come to the APHP for many different reasons, but all are admitted on a voluntary basis. The active participation of patients and their families is an integral aspect of the treatment process.  For all patients, evaluation, treatment, relapse prevention and discharge planning are geared to facilitate their treatment goals in the community setting.  

What We Treat/Who We Work With: We work with adolescents ages 12.5 -17 who may be affected by some of the following issues

  • Anxiety and Panic Disorders
  • ADHD
  • Depression and Mood Disorders
  • School Anxiety / Avoidance / Refusal
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Psychosis
  • Bullying
  • Self-harm
  • Suicidal Ideation
  • Trauma
  • Gender Identity
  • We welcome members of the LGBTQ+ community

Services we provide for Adolescents and their families:

  • Individual therapy
  • Academic instruction during the school year
  • Family Therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Occupational and Recreational therapy groups
  • Psychiatric Medication evaluation, prescribing, and monitoring services
  • Speech and Language consultations, as indicated
  • Psychological Testing consultations (including for Autism), as indicated
  • Educational consultations, as indicated

Our approaches to therapy: Our treatment plans are individually created for each adolescent, within the set structure of the program. We incorporate interventions from evidence based treatments including CBT, DBT, ACT, Seeking Safety, PEERS, Psychodynamic Therapy, and Family therapies into our treatment plans.

How to Apply

The Adolescent Partial Hospital Program is part of the continuum of care provided by the Adolescent Service within the Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital at UCLA. The Adolescent PHP offers a time limited, outpatient treatment program of therapeutically intensive clinical service and group interventions.
The program operates Monday through Thursday, 8:30am – 3:30pm, and Friday 8:30am – 2:30pm. For Admissions, call (310) 825-4727 to speak with Jennifer Humphrey, LCSW, Manager, UCLA Resnick Adolescent Partial Hospital Program.

Preparing for Partial Hospitalization

There are three steps involved in arranging admission for your child to the program:

1.  Referral:  Patients may be referred to the program by the inpatient team, directly by their outpatient clinician, by the UCLA Emergency Department or upon inquiry from a parent. Referrals must be approved and accepted by the APHP prior to registration.

2.  Orientation:  Parents must meet with a representative of the APHP prior to the day of admission to complete program-specific paperwork, including enrollment in the Carlson Hospital School, and to be oriented to the policies and program routine.  Contact Jennifer Humphrey, Program Manager, at (310) 825-4727 to schedule an appointment.

3.  Registration: Registration may be completed by going to the Admissions office on the 4th floor of the Ronald Reagan Hospital, Room 4231. Alternatively, you may arrange with APHP staff to complete registration with program nursing staff before the start of the first program day. All patients are required to enroll in the Carlson Hospital School prior to admission.  

Program Rules and Policies

Attendance and Participation
All patients are expected to arrive on time and attend the program daily unless otherwise scheduled for clinical reasons.  Patients must be picked up on time at the end of their program day.  Repeated tardiness or unplanned absences may result in referral to another setting.

Parents are required to participate in at least one 1-hour family session per week during the partial hospital admission.  More frequent family sessions may be required depending on the treatment plan. All meetings are scheduled during regular program hours.

Patients are required to participate in all program activities and groups, and to meet as scheduled for individual and family therapy sessions with the UCLA clinicians involved. Because of the importance of informed and appropriate supervision for the safety of patients and to maintain a neutral program milieu, it is the recommendation of the APHP that patients not be allowed to socialize or communicate with each other outside of the program

In some cases, patients may be behaviorally discharged and referred to another setting if their behaviors are disruptive to the milieu and/or interfere with other patients’ treatment. Patients are expected to follow all program rules and to treat staff and other patients with kindness and respect on a consistent basis.

Any medication to be taken during the program day must be purchased at your outpatient pharmacy and brought into program in a properly labelled prescription container.  This container must be turned over by an adult to the program staff and will be dispensed by licensed staff as ordered by a program physician.  (Inhalers may be kept by the patient when so ordered by the doctor.)   

Transportation Policy
Patients must be transported by a family member or adult friend of the family, designated in writing in advance.  Patients may drive themselves or take public transportation only after discussion with program staff and with written parental consent. Please note: Patients are never allowed to leave program together or to be transported in another patient’s car, even if parental consent is given. 

Dress Code 
Clothing must be safe and appropriate to the setting.  Patients who come to program in inappropriate clothes may be asked to cover up with a sweatshirt or scrubs until they leave for the day or until other items can be brought from home. At times, the patient may have to be picked up early by parents if clothing is inappropriate and the patient refuses to change to more appropriate clothing. Hats and sunglasses may be worn during outdoor activities only. 

Meals and Snacks
All patients are asked to bring their own lunch each morning. Only single-serving snack items will be provided by the APHP.  Patient lunch items must be labelled with the patient’s name and date and may be stored in the refrigerator, and all food must be stored in the kitchen.   Please note, we do not have access to a freezer or microwave for patient use. No food or beverages are allowed during school or group therapy. No food may be delivered to patients after their arrival.

* On some select Thursdays, patients may have a community outing.  Money is not required for this activity, but patients may bring money ($20 or less).
* On Fridays, there is a community lunch outing for all patients.  Please send your child with money (approximately $20-25 dollars) for this meal.

All patients in the Adolescent Partial Hospital Program during the LAUSD academic year must be enrolled in the Berniece Carlson Home Hospital School when instruction is provided on site here by LAUSD. 

NPH is a non-smoking facility.  Patients are not allowed to smoke or vape at any time.

Patients are encouraged to leave their cell phones at home.  Cell phones must be turned off prior to arrival in the program and may be used only with the express permission of the staff and away from other patients.  If you need to reach your child during the program day, please call the nursing office and we will convey the message.

Belongings are not routinely searched, but they may be searched at any time at the discretion of staff; inappropriate or unsafe items will be confiscated and returned to parents at pick-up or a family meeting.  Any patient who repeatedly brings inappropriate items to the program may be referred to another setting.

Storage and Patient Possessions
Patients may keep small items (sneakers, a sweatshirt, etc.) in the program’s group room during the day.  Backpacks can be left for the day in the group room as well.  Please do not bring valuables into program as we cannot be responsible for the loss of any item.   

Use of electronics or related equipment, including headphones, e-books, electronic games, i-pads / tablets, smart watches, laptops, and computers are not allowed.

Aggressive behavior
Physical and verbal aggression and threats are not tolerated in the partial hospital setting.  Such behavior may result in discharge and referral to another program.

Outpatient labs and medical tests
If the APHP physician orders drug screens, blood tests or other medical tests as part of your child’s treatment, you will need to bring your child to the UCLA outpatient lab in 200 Medical Plaza outside of program hours.  Ongoing evidence of drug use or serious medical concerns may prompt referral to another setting.

Unauthorized Absence from Program
APHP is a voluntary program requiring cooperation between patients, families and program staff, and patients are required to stay with staff at all times.  Parents will be notified within one hour if their child has left program without permission.   Security will be called in the event of an unauthorized absence only if there is a specific concern about the patient’s imminent risk for unsafe behavior.

If your child is unable to attend program for any reason, please notify the program office as soon as possible.

Unauthorized absences or repeated unscheduled absences may result in discharge and referral to another setting.

Planning for Discharge
Partial hospitalization is generally short-term; a course of treatment typically does not exceed 6-8 weeks, although clinical needs for a specific patient may lead to a shorter or longer episode of care at times. Program staff members work with each patient and family to make the experience productive and the transition into the community as smooth as it can be.  We encourage patients to begin regular contact with the outpatient clinicians, school counselors and other professionals they will be consulting prior to leaving our program completely.

A discharge plan, including recommendations and referrals for treatment, medication management and education, will be provided for all patients. Families are responsible for scheduling all aftercare appointments.  


If you are interested in making a gift to support Adolescent Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), please contact Lauren Bayans, Assistant Director of Development, at [email protected] or 310-560-4287.