Our 16,000-square-foot Nethercutt ER contains 22 beds

Our 16,000-square-foot Nethercutt ER contains 22 beds and features the latest technology, including an on-site CT scanner that speeds diagnosis and treatment of ailments such as chest pain, stroke and breathing disorders. Other features include all-digital X-ray technology, comfortable rooms designed for both privacy and treatment flexibility and an observation area that allows for continuous monitoring of patients before being admitted to our hospital or discharged. Our Nethercutt ER also features a pneumatic tube system connected to our hospital's new Laboratory, thereby improving turnaround times for lab results.

STEMI Receiving Center

Our Nethercutt ER was the first designated "STEMI Receiving Center" for heart-attack patients on the Westside. Under this designation, our hospital has an established protocol for getting heart-attack patients from the field to our Cardiac Catheterization Lab in 90 minutes or less.

Emergency Department Approved for Pediatrics

Additionally, our Nethercutt ER is the city's only "Emergency Department Approved for Pediatrics." That means it meets established guidelines for providing age-appropriate emergency care to infants, young children and adolescents. When hospitalization is required, these patients can be admitted directly to our medical center because we also have the city's only Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and Pediatrics Unit.

Ouchless ER

We are working to transform our Nethercutt ER into a more child-friendly environment by using new tools and technologies that remove some of the pain and respond directly to the unique needs of children. It's called the "ouchless ER," and it aims to change not only medical practices, but the actual environment to make it more "kid-friendly." Read more about our ouchless ER here:

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The better way to get better has now become fastER!

Our Nethercutt ER features a fast-track service for minor injuries and illnesses. Called fastER, the service strives to treat patients who meet qualifying criteria within 90 minutes or less. FastER is available daily from 11 am to 11 pm. Tell your friends and neighbors!

Our Nethercutt Emergency Center is located on the ground floor of our hospital's Southwest Wing on 15th Street, north of Arizona Avenue in Santa Monica.

1255 15th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Emergency Center (424) 259-8400
Hospital Information (424) 259-6000

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