Patient Quotes

"Even though my English is not very good, my UCLA Health doctor was very patient with me. He explained my condition to me slowly, so that I can understand him. In China, doctors see patients quickly and don’t spend much time explaining the condition". — Ying L.

"After suffering from a rare disease that leads to severe pain for 2+ years, I was absolutely desperate until we came to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, where top-tier expertise and medical service were assembled. I was deeply impressed by the multidisciplinary team approach, which included the best doctors who provided accurate treatment only after 2 onsite visits. This was a task that cannot be fulfilled in my home country for years. The international services department and the fantastic staff, who were the first group of people we interacted at UCLA, are efficient, kind and superbly responsible from many perspectives. It was a meaningful rescue. Thank you all."  — Quan Z.

“From appointment scheduling, checking in, and meeting the doctor, to obtaining test results, it has been a very smooth and convenient process. In particular, the UCLA International department has been with me throughout the entire process, which helped me feel relieved and reassured me that all my questions and/or problems were resolved in a timely matter.” — Zhao Q.

“We will always remember how nice they [International Services] were to us, and will always be grateful for all the efforts they have exerted to make my son’s medical treatment, endurable and effective”. — Mubarak A.

I thank the International Services at UCLA Health for all of their efforts in following up on all the patients, as they provide all valuable services to us patients, from scheduling medical appointments by providing specialized translators and financial follow-ups that related our cases, etc.” — Saud B.

“If I could, I would shake hands with every single person from the medical care team. I would also like to say thank you to everyone in the UCLA International Department for taking care of scheduling my appointments, the reminders, the interpretation services, following up after every appointment, their advice and guidance in navigating my medical treatment in UCLA” — Fahed A.