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Congratulations on your pregnancy and welcome to one of Southern California's most comprehensive maternity centers! The BirthPlace Santa Monica provides family-centered care and offers private rooms along with a wide range of services to make your birthing experience an event to cherish. We offer the highest-quality healthcare professionals and the latest proven technology in a serene, patient-oriented setting to ensure a safe and comfortable birthing experience. Our elegant rooms are designed to recreate the feel of a home or hotel room. After your delivery, you and your baby will be moved to one of our comfortable maternity rooms in the Postpartum Unit. To encourage bonding, we keep you and your baby together as much as possible throughout your hospital stay.


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BirthPlace Tours

Register for a Free Virtual tour of The BirthPlace - for both Westwood and Santa MonicaTake a FREE virtual tour of The BirthPlace,  UCLA Medical Centers, Westwood and Santa Monica. Each tour runs 60 minutes and includes an overview of our services and accommodations. You can register on-line or call (424) 259-8253. 

Tours will be offered via ZOOM, an online teleconference system.   

All in person walking tours are canceled until further notice.  

Todos las visitas guiadas de Westwood en persona se cancelan hasta nuevo aviso.

Class Descriptions

Educational Programs 

The months, weeks and days preceding your baby's birth will be an exciting, joyful time filled with many physical and emotional changes. This is a natural time for you to learn more about pregnancy, childbirth and parenting. 

The BirthPlace offers a comprehensive educational program to help improve your birthing experience and ease your transition to parenthood. Our on-line education program provides three classes:   

  • Childbirth Preparation
    • Class 1:  Overview of Labor  
    • Class 2:  Labor Comfort Measures and Pain Medications
    • Class 3:  Birth interventions and C-Sections  
  • Breastfeeding 
    • Class 1:  Basics of Breastfeeding  
    • Class 2:  Making Milk: Strategies for Lactation Success  
    • Class 3:  Sustaining Breastfeeding  
  • Baby Talk!  
    • Class 1:  Baby Care  
    • Class 2:  Baby Behavior 
    • Class 3:  Parent Transitions 

 Each class is a series of 3 classes.  Running time of each class is approximately 60-90 minutes long. 

We recommend you register 2 to 3 months before your due date. 

This page contains an overview of our classes.  See our class schedule to register and pay for classes.   

Prices listed may change.  Please note that rates are higher if delivering at a Non-UCLA  facility.

For questions regarding tours and classes, call (424) 259-8253 

The BirthPlace Santa Monica

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