Medication Use During Pregnancy

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Medication Use and Pregnancy

You may be nervous about taking medications while you’re pregnant. That’s understandable. In many cases, medications are needed to manage your health, and not taking important medications can be dangerous.

Always talk to your doctor or nurse midwife before starting or stopping any prescription medications during pregnancy. Each medication may affect your baby differently. The goal is to find a medication that treats your condition without causing harm to your fetus.

The following medications are generally considered safe during pregnancy. Carefully read and follow package directions:

Symptom or conditionGeneric medication namePrecautions
Allergies         Diphenhydramine hydrochloride
ConstipationMagnesium hydroxide
Constipation, stool softenerDocusate sodium or bisacodyl 
Diarrhea                     Bismuth subsalicylate 
Dry nose         Neti pot
Sodium chloride nasal spray
Fevers, aches and painAcetaminophenNo more than 3,000 milligrams in 24 hours
Gas     Simethicone 
HeartburnAluminum-magnesium hydroxide
Calcium carbonate
HemorrhoidsHydrocortisone cream, ointment and suppositories
Phenylephrine hemorrhoidal gel
Tucks pads or witch hazel
Insomnia (trouble sleeping)Doxylamine succinate 
ItchingDiphenhydramine hydrochloride
1% Hydrocortisone cream
LicePyrethrins-piperonyl butoxide 
Local anesthesia (for dental work, minor procedures)Procaine injectionsMust be used without epinephrine
Nasal congestion        Pseudoephedrine
Sodium chloride nasal spray
Talk to your provider if using before 12 weeks
Sore throatThroat lozenges 
Yeast infectionsClotrimazole
7-days of Miconazole nitrate

Do not take Motrin, Aleve or Advil unless recommended by your doctor. See an expanded list of medications.