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The 4 D's of EoE: Drugs, diet, dilation and (more) drugs

Noncardiac chest pain: Is it esophageal spasm?

Globus: An ENT or GI disease?

PPI: Good, bad or ugly

Fundoplication, LINX, TIF: Which should I get?

Lump in the throat: Globus pharyngeus

Impedance of the esophagus

When scleroderma gets hard on the stomach

EoE: Approaching from all angles

Diagnosis and management of achalasia

Supragastric belch

TIF for treatment of GERD

Dysphagia: Evaluation and treatment

Manometry, belch, rumination, dysphagia, EoE

Managing motility disorders of the esophagus and stomach

Evidenced-based approach to PPI use

GERD: Evaluation and treatment of acid reflux

Esophageal physiology testing

Esophageal pH and manometry studies

Achalasia: What you need to now

Role of high resolution esophageal manometry

Laryngo-pharyngeal reflux