What to Expect at an Appointment

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Initial appointments with the dietitian can be arranged after you meet with your doctor, and sometimes can be coordinated for the same day. After your physician visit, the doctor and dietitian will consult prior to your appointment for nutrition counseling and set up a nutrition strategy.

During the initial visit, the dietitian will  review your medical history and take a dietary history, inclusive of a diet recall and discussion of food issues. She will discuss with you any supplements that you are currently taking so make sure to bring your current supplements with you to the appointment. The dietitian will also provide background information about your condition and will discuss the various dietary options to address your condition. She will pay careful attention to making any changes fit smoothly into your current lifestyle and offer meal ideas to suit your taste preferences.  The dietitian may ask you to keep a log of your symptoms and everything you eat for a period of time. This can be helpful in identifying your individual food triggers.

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During subsequent appointments, any changes made since your last visit will be discussed and how they have affected your disease, symptoms and lifestyle. The dietitian will review your food log and discuss new information about your food triggers and refine your diet plan as needed.