What to Expect at an Appointment

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Initial appointments - 60 minutes

The initial appointment aims to gather comprehensive information to develop a personalized plan that addresses your gastrointestinal concerns and optimizes your nutritional well-being. It's important to note that the exact discussion points may vary depending on your specific needs and symptoms, but here are some common topics that may be covered:​

  • Medical history​
  • Symptoms and concerns​
  • Dietary assessment and recall​
  • Food intolerances and allergies​
  • Nutrition education​
  • Meal planning or food choices​
  • Supplement recommendations​
  • Lifestyle factors​
  • Goal setting​

Follow-up appointment - 30 minutes

Follow-up appointments are important to discuss if any changes made affected your disease, symptoms, and/or lifestyle. We will any answer questions and address all concerns. In addition to the areas already discussed, we may ask to review a food log, if indicated.​

Goal of nutrition therapy​

The goal of nutrition therapy can vary depending on your specific health needs and condition. Each appointment is individualized based on your diagnosis and concerns. Here some common objectives:​

  • Assuring clear understanding of your diagnosis​
  • Collaboration between patient and provider to create an individualized care plan​
  • Disease management ​
  • Symptom relief​
  • Optimize nutrient intake​
  • Correct nutritional deficiencies​
  • Improved gut health/functioning​
  • Promote healthy eating behaviors​
  • Prevent unintentional weight loss​
  • Nutritional support - if unable to meet needs through food intake alone, we can help guide on the use of enteral nutrition (tube feeds) or parenteral nutrition (TPN or IV nutrition)