Why See a Registered Dietitian?

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Registered dietitians (RD) are professionals who have completed at least two years of specific coursework, spent 1,400+ hours in intern training and passed a national board exam. Their knowledge and skills qualify them to work in all healthcare settings, including hospitals, outpatient clinics and private practice, as well as in school food service, government agencies and community services.

The media offers abundant and often conflicting information and advice on diet and nutrition. While some sources are reputable, many are guided by self-interests (money, acclaim, prestige) or are not informed by the latest medical insights. Providing specific guidance on how diet and nutrition can help manage your medical condition calls for a trained expert with a background in gastrointestinal disorders.

Our dietitians have advanced training and experience in working with patients with a wide range of digestive diseases. Working with an RD who specializes in digestive diseases can help you better understand your condition and how food and nutrition can have both positive and negative impacts on your health. The dietitian can help you play an active role in managing your illness and controlling your symptoms.