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Meet the UCLA Women's Cardiovascular Center Advisory Board

Teddy Leonard

Teddy Leonard,






Jolie Busch


Jolie Busch,

Board Member




Alisa Becket


Alisa Becket,

Board Member




Amanda Daniels


Amanda Daniels,

Board Member




Fran Feinman

Fran Feinman,

Board Member





MISSION: Founded in

January 2018, the mission of the UCLA Women's Cardiovascular Center Advisory Board is to support the work of The UCLA Women's Cardiovascular Center physicians, faculty and researchers efforts to protect women's hearts and promote healthier lives by:

  • Providing leading-edge clinical care
  • Engaging in groundbreaking research focused on, and driven by women
  • Reaching out to vulnerable populations, including teens, students, and underserved communities
  • Offering innovative community and pier-to-pier educational programs that promote cardiovascular health including our 'Let's Talk: Heart, Body & Soul' signature educational festival that highlights our holistic approach caring for the needs of women in the communities we serve

OBJECTIVES: The goals of the Advisory Board are to:

  • Raise awareness in the community about the UCLA Women's Cardiovascular Center and UCLA Health as the No. 1 place for women's heart healthcare in Southern California
  • Provide funding for cutting-edge women's heart health research, clinical, and educational programs
  • Increase the base of support for The Center through knowledge, connections, and philanthropic opportunities
  • Serve as advocates for The Center in the Southern California communities we serve
  • To grow the Advisory Board to include at least 20 individuals who are interested in supporting our ambitious mission

Eighty percent of heart disease and stroke can be prevented by education and lifestyle changes.

Together, with the gifted physicians and researchers at the UCLA Women's Cardiovascular Center, we can save lives.

For more information and a list of Advisory Board member benefits, please contact:

Lindsey Walton
Director of Development
[email protected]

Move frequently… Eat thoughtfully… Connect deeply