Submit a Proposal For Research

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Submit a Proposal to the Rare Epilepsies Tissue Bank for Research

  1. Investigators with IRB-approved research protocols will submit a specimen request form providing a brief description of the project, types of samples requested proposed use of samples, IRB/Regulatory approval number and contact details.
  2. Submissions will be reviewed by the principal investigator who may consult the scientific review board at his discretion.
  3. If the request is approved, the tissue bank coordinator will send recipient investigator a Material Transfer Agreement master document to be approved by the recipient scientist and recipient institution.
  4. Once the Material Transfer Agreement is approved and signed off by the recipient scientist and recipient institution, the tissue bank principal investigator and the UCLA Material Transfer Office will sign off on the Material Transfer Agreement.
  5. The tissue bank coordinator will send all parties a fully executed copy of the MTA with an accompanying implementing letter to signify the transfer.
  6. The requested biological material will be transferred to the participating institution.

Send a Research Proposal:
Email: [email protected]