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Brain Tumor Research and Clinical Trials at UCLA

Research and Clinical Trials

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The UCLA Brain Tumor center of excellence has an international reputation for clinical trials and brain tumor research. The UCLA Neurosurgery Brain Tumor Research Laboratory pioneers vaccine therapies for intracranial gliomas. In addition to developing novel vaccine therapies, UCLA Brain Tumor Research Laboratory with the UCLA Health Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center focuses on translational experimental therapeutics of cell-based therapies for brain tumors and characterization of molecular targets involved in brain tumor pathogenesis and progression. The Brain Tumor Research Laboratory in collaboration with the UCLA California NanoSystems Institute is also investigating the use of nanoparticles as a novel method of studying and treating brain tumors.

The unique cutting edge translational research at the  UCLA Brain Tumor Research laboratory allows the UCLA Brain Tumor program to quickly transfer what is learned in the laboratory at the bench to the patient's bedside. This ability to translate our research finding from research to patient care makes sure that our patients are treated with the most cutting edge technology and latest developments in brain tumor treatments. This is a crucial option offered at the UCLA Brain Tumor program for patients with brain tumors who may have limited treatment options.

Currently, the UCLA Brain Tumor Program is expanding its clinical research efforts to include a Neurosurgical Oncology Outcomes Laboratory specializing in patient-focused outcomes research, with an emphasis on quality of life, cognitive function, neuropsychological assessment, caregiver research, functional outcomes, complimentary and alternative medicine, eastern medicine approaches, medical care access research, and education focused on the patient, care giver, and the patient's families.

Due, in part to the research conducted at the UCLA Brain Tumor Program, patients with brain tumors have more advanced, effective, and safe options in treating brain tumors.

Brain Tumor Research

The Neurosurgery Brain Research Laboratory pioneers vaccine therapies for intracranial gliomas.

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We have close collaboration with the UCLA Neuro-Oncology Program, which offers multiple glioma chemotherapy trials. We also offer special accommodations for international patients.
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Brain Tumor Vaccine

Courtesy of CBS2: Brain Tumor Breakthrough - Dr. Linda Liau has created a brain tumor vaccine to protect her brain cancer patients.

Brain Cancer Treatment

At UCLA we offer comprehensive treatment of all brain tumor types including benign, malignant primary tumors, gliomas, meningiomas, and metastatic. Our highly trained physician specialists and nurses evaluate more than 500 patients each year and UCLA Neurosurgeons use advanced technology and imaging to perform the safest, most effective brain surgery. Neurosurgeons at UCLA treat patients whose age ranges from older children to adults. Infants and young children are treated by Pediatric neurosurgeons in our Pediatric Neurosurgery Program.
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