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We care for patients with cerebral palsy in all life stages. To learn more about cerebral palsy treatment at UCLA Health, call 424-259-6593.

Patients are referred to the Kameron Gait and Motion Analysis Laboratory to obtain an in-depth understanding of their movement patterns. The gait analysis provides information to the team to assist in treatment decisions such as orthopaedic surgery, physical therapy, bracing or medication. Specific assessments performed depend on the diagnosis and treatment options being considered.

A gait analysis can take up three hours and may include:

Young girl with cerebral palsy standing next to a computer
  • Comprehensive clinical examination to measure flexibility, muscle strength and motor control
  • Electromyography (EMG) to determine muscle firing patterns and to identify muscles responsible for abnormal movements
  • Motion analysis to measure joint motion and walking speed. Reflective markers are placed on the limbs and a sophisticated motion analysis system provides a three-dimensional depiction of motion at the joints of the lower and upper extremity during walking.
  • Force plates in the floor determine the ground reaction and joint forces acting on the stance limb
  • Video analysis records walking without equipment
  • Oxygen consumption calculates the energy cost of walking