Information for Referring Providers

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  • If you would like your patient to be referred to us for 18F DOPA PET Scan please contact the UCLA Nuclear Medicine Department (310) 794-1005, option 1 or the UCLA Pediatric Endocrine Department (310) 825-0867 to secure a date.
  • Once a date has been set, please contact Dr. Audrey Kamzan of the Pediatric Hospitalist Team ([email protected]).
  • Please be prepared to give us the following information:
    • Blood glucose targets and frequency of blood glucose checks
    • Glucose bolus recommended doses
    • Medications for hyperinsulinism
    • Fluid or feeding regimen
    • Name and contact information for whomever should be called to discuss results
    • Plan for after the study (i.e. would you like the patient to be transferred back to your institution or discharged home)
  • Please fill out a SAR form (for Medi-Cal patients) with the following CPT Codes: Codes - CPT: 78815 (PET scan), 71260, 74177, 70491 (CT’s), A9597 (DOPA isotope for tumor imaging).