Specimen Collection Instructions For Surgeons

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Specimen Collection Instructions For Surgeons (REBDTB)

Prior to the surgery date the REBDTB will send a specimen collection package to the participating institution containing specimen collection containers, Hibernate-A media, consent forms, documentation of tissue bank approval by UCLA Institutional Review Board (IRB), specimen collection instructions, non-identifiable clinical data collection sheet and any other relevant information/materials.  Domestic institutions will have Hibernate-A shipped directly from the tissue bank.  Where necessary for international centers Hibernate-A will be shipped from regional distribution centers.  Logistics for specimen transfers will be coordinated by the Tissue Bank Coordinator in collaboration with the donating institution.

Collecting and Handling Blood Samples during Surgery:

  • Collect after anesthesia but before any tissue resection or blood transfusions
  • Collect a minimum of 5 mL of blood via arterial line or vein into a blood tube with containing anticoagulant (e.g. green-top heparin tube or purple-top EDTA-Citrate tube).  This can be repeated up to 3 times (total of 15 mL) in larger children.
  • Invert tubes several times to ensure that the anticoagulant mixes well with the blood.
  • Keep cold/on ice at all times prior to shipping – DO NOT FREEZE

Collecting and Handling Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) during Surgery:

  • As the ventricular system is entered collect 2-5 mL of CSF and place in sterile test tube
  • Keep cold/on ice at all times prior to shipping – DO NOT FREEZE

Collecting Fresh Tissue Specimen during Surgery:

  • In the OR place a block of tissue encompassing gray and subcortical white matter (please provide as much as is feasible) from the area of pathology directly into a sterile specimen container filled with 60 mL of cold sterile Hibernate®-A (Life Technologies).
  • Place a block of tissue from the area of very involved brain and second block form the area no so involved, but part of the planned resection, into separate empty sterile specimen containers filled with 60 mL of cold sterile Hibernate®-A.
  • Label the specimen containers with the appropriate anatomic area resected.
  • Keep cold/on ice at all time during collection and prior to shipping – DO NOT FREEZE


Arrangements will be made with World Courier® AmerisourceBergen, the designated shipping company, to transfer the material immediately to the Rare Epilepsies & Brain Disease Tissue Bank for delivery within 24-48 hours.  The Tissue Bank Coordinator will work with the donating institution to coordinate collection activities.  Specific temperature-validated shipping containers and kits will be provided for the transfer.  For questions and support contact the:

Tissue Bank Coordinator:
Email: [email protected] and [email protected] 

Please notify by phone or e-mail prior to sample collection date.

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