Assess each patient for the presence of

  • Pacemaker
  • AV Fistulas
  • Unilateral or bilateral radical mastectomy with lymph node dissection
  • Known DVT
  • Abnormal Coagulation Studies
  • Ability to consent
  • History of multiple and/or complex central line placement


**The following links are very helpful in determining if the patient is a good candidate for a PICC:


Ordering Process

  • Enter a PICC order in CareConnect. PICC orders should be generated by an MD, NP, or PA. Please specify catheter type, indication, duration, and sedation requirements.
  • Once the order has been signed in CareConnect, it will automatically be generated to the PICC Service.
  • Contact the PICC Service at pager 92788 for Ronald Reagan or pager 90102 for Santa Monica for any urgent issues.
  • Please remember that there is a 24 hour turn-around time for PICC line placements. Typically, a PICC will be placed within a few hours of being ordered. In the event that there is a high volume of PICCs, this process may take longer. Therefore, it is important to consider PICC placement early and order in anticipation of transfers, discharges, and planned therapy.


Sedation for Pediatric PICC Placements

  • All children will be evaluated by the PICC Service to determine the need for sedation.
  • Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center - Complete Pediatric Sedation Request Form (Forms Portal, form #312767) and fax to the anesthesia coordinator at 73612.
  • Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center and Orthopaedic Hospital - Call the anesthesia scheduler at 94695 to arrange for sedation and the use of a PACU room.
  • If sedation is needed, write NPO order based on pediatric NPO guidelines and time of planned procedure.