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The Q3D lab is unique in combining cutting edge quantitative measurements using artificial intelligence with high resolution 3D visualizations of anatomy for patient care. This combination provides very rich information for patients and their physicians in making a diagnosis and understanding and exploring treatment options.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to generate advanced quantitative imaging reports and 3D visualizations, and deliver them when and where needed for decision-making and patient care. We use the latest image analysis tools and translate new techniques into a high quality, high throughput clinical service.

About Our Services

Machine learning and quantitative image features are transforming the field of radiology. UCLA has been at the vanguard of research and clinical translation of these techniques, and the Q3D lab has a specific goal of creating new clinical services that combine quantitation and visualization for decision support. We have recently deployed a quantitative 3D lung CT report generated by intelligent software for detection and measurement of lung nodules, emphysema, air trapping, and pulmonary fibrosis.

Q3D Lung Animation
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As Image Analysts, we work closely with radiologists and referrers to apply the most useful advanced visualization protocols for patient management. As new workflows are added, we endeavor to optimize our post-processing output. Please contact the Lab if you would like to order post-processing for your patient (quantitation or 3D visualization) or if you are interested in being involved in protocol development. We would be happy to assist.

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