Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation

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To learn more about cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation at UCLA Health, please call 310-825-0014.

The UCLA Health’s Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Department provides a comprehensive approach to cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation utilizing a multidisciplinary team of clinical professionals under the supervision of our medical directors.

Leadership Team

  • Tamara Horwich, MD, Medical Director of Cardiac Rehab
  • Kristen Schwab Jensen, MD, Medical Director of Pulmonary Rehab
  • Ernie Sacco, EP, MA, Manager of Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab
  • Payal Mehta, Senior Director of Therapy Services

Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation programs are covered by most private insurances, Medicare, and HMOs. However, HMOs do require an authorization or approval. Coverage will be verified prior to beginning the program. All insurances require a physician referral.

Lifestyle Medicine

After 9 years and over 440 patients, the difficult decision has been made to close the Ornish Lifestyle Medicine Program. We have learned and understood the importance of a lifestyle approach to cardiac rehabilitation and its impact on improving patient care and outcomes. As a result, we will be enhancing our existing cardiac rehabilitation program to encompass more lifestyle medicine approaches to traditional rehabilitation.

Please feel free to contact Ernie Sacco, Manager of Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation ([email protected], 310-206-5205) if you have any questions.