Sleep Disorders Clinic

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Our sleep medicine physicians are recognized experts in sleep disorders treatment. To find the right doctor for you, connect with a customer care specialist at 310-825-2631
Monday – Friday, 7 am to 7 pm

The UCLA Sleep Disorders Clinic offer new patients and returning patients appointments at which they meet with sleep specialists to discuss their problems, explain their medical histories, and undergo physical examinations. A new appointment typically takes 60 minutes, whereas a return appointment usually takes about 30 minutes.

An appointment at a UCLA Sleep Disorders Clinic is not an appointment for an overnight sleep study, although some patients who are seen in a clinic do need such studies and can be scheduled to have them on a subsequent night.

The outpatient clinic appointments are critical to the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders. Often this visit allows the clinicians to request a sleep study, when needed, that will make use of equipment specifically tailored to the particular needs of the patient. At return visits, clinicians can explain results of sleep studies, formulate treatment plans, and review progress.

To be seen at the UCLA Sleep Disorders Clinic, patients must have a referral completed and faxed to the Neurology Clinic at 310-794-7491.