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Our speech-language pathologists provide leading-edge evaluations and therapy for communication and swallowing disorders. We deliver the full spectrum of care, including advanced diagnosis and proven treatments.

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Why choose UCLA Health for speech-language pathology?

At the UCLA Health Speech Pathology Clinic, our speech therapists and other experts specialize in treating children and adults of all ages. We deliver customized treatment plans using the latest advances in speech and swallowing disorders. We offer:

Evidence-based therapies: As part of a world-renowned teaching hospital, our speech pathologists are at the forefront of advanced treatments. We stay current with the latest advances so we can provide you and your family with the best care.

In-office voice restoration procedures: We work with expert head and neck surgeons at UCLA Health to perform in-office procedures that do not require sedation. These innovative procedures restore voice function to people who have had their voice box removed (total laryngectomy). We are one of just a few medical centers in the nation to successfully perform these techniques.

Patient-focused care: Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to access the care you need. We work with you to coordinate your appointments with other specialists to make care more convenient for you.  

Specialized programs: We offer dedicated programs and services to provide personalized care. Our speech and language pathologists focus on specific areas, including voice care for transgender people and customized treatments for musicians and entertainers. You’ll receive tailored therapies designed to meet your needs and help you reach your goals.

Strong collaborative relationships: We work closely with specialists across departments, including audiology, developmental pediatrics, radiation oncology and neurology, to deliver coordinated care. Our specialists also work in partnership with the UCLA Robert G. Kardashian Center for Esophageal Health and the UCLA Health Head and Neck Cancer Program.

Our speech-language pathology services

The specially trained speech-language pathologists (SLPs) at UCLA Health provide world-class care for people of all ages. Our diverse programs and services allow us to address your specific needs and provide therapies that work for you. We offer comprehensive evaluations, treatments and support. Our services include:

Pediatric speech-language services

Our pediatric speech and language pathologists evaluate, diagnose and treat children with common to complex communication disorders. We coordinate care with developmental pediatricians, audiologists and pediatric neurologists to offer well-rounded care and effective treatments. Our speech therapists work with you and your child, offering support and guidance in a compassionate environment.

Swallow and speech preservation program

In conjunction with UCLA Health radiation oncology, our speech therapists and pathology specialists work with people who are undergoing radiation therapy for head and neck cancer. We offer pre-radiation evaluations and frequent sessions that focus on swallowing exercises. This effective program relieves pain and preserves swallowing function after treatments for cancer.

Swallowing disorders program

Our experts coordinate with specialists from UCLA Health head and neck surgery to diagnose and treat swallowing disorders. Speech pathologists work closely with otolaryngologists to determine the most appropriate treatments. This unique team approach offers the most convenient, comprehensive care to adults with swallowing disorders.    

Voice Center for Medicine and the Arts

We provide the highest caliber laryngology and speech pathology services.  Our services include dedicated voice treatments for musicians and entertainers who use their voices for work. When it opened in 2004, the Voice Center was the first center of its kind on the West Coast.

Voice care for transgender and nonbinary people

In partnership with the Gender Health Program, our speech pathologists offer gender congruent voice therapy. These services focus on aligning an individual’s voice with their gender identity.

Inpatient speech and swallowing care

In addition to comprehensive outpatient care, our speech-language specialists provide support and treatments for people while they’re in the hospital. We offer effective care for a wide range of swallowing, communication and cognitive issues.

Our experts work closely with people who have had a lung transplant to diagnose and treat swallowing disorders and maximize healing. To ensure continuity of care, we work with you in the hospital and continue to follow up after you return home.  

Speech-language and swallowing disorders we treat

We have experience helping children and adults with the full spectrum of communication and swallowing disorders. Our expertise includes effective treatments for:

Disorders of speech and language: We treat disorders that result from disease, including neurological problems and trauma.

Dysphagia (difficulty swallowing): We help people with swallowing disorders that result from numerous conditions, diseases and treatments. These include cancer, stroke and other neurodegenerative diseases. Our experts preserve swallowing function after lung transplants and cancer treatments.

Dysphonia (voice problems): Many conditions can make it difficult or impossible to speak. We expertly treat dysphonia that occurs from disorders like Parkinson’s disease and lesions such as nodules. We also help people with age-related voice changes.

Pediatric language delays and disorders: We specialize in helping children who have speech and language delays from conditions including autism and hearing loss. Our speech therapists also treat children with stuttering.

Speech-language and swallowing treatments we offer

As leaders in speech-language pathology, our expert team delivers innovative treatments. We carefully consider your needs, lifestyle and goals to provide therapies that improve communication and enhance quality of life. Treatments we offer include:

Customized speech therapy

You’ll receive expert speech therapy from our highly skilled team of specialists. We design each treatment plan specifically for you or your child. Our experts use proven therapies to improve fluency, articulation and comprehension. We work closely with you to coordinate care and adjust treatments as your needs change.

Biofeedback for voice and swallowing therapy

Our experts use biofeedback to make therapy more successful. This innovative technology gives you real-time visual information while you’re speaking or swallowing.

Biofeedback allows you to “see” what’s happening inside your body when you use your voice or swallow. Using this information, our specialists help you correct swallow and voice issues, improve swallowing and maximize therapy results.

Tracheoesophageal voice prosthesis (TEP)

A TEP restores speech to people who have undergone voice box removal (total laryngectomy) to treat cancer. In most cases, a TEP procedure can be performed in the office by the head and neck surgeon. We are one of just a few medical centers in the United States to offer this approach.

During the procedure, our speech therapists work closely with specially trained surgeons to place a TEP in the trachea and esophagus. The prosthesis enables you to speak. This advanced technique requires teamwork and an extremely high level of expertise.  

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Our highly skilled speech-language specialists offer customized treatments for a wide range of speech, voice and swallowing disorders. We work closely with oncologists, head and neck surgeons, and experts from audiology, rehabilitation services and developmental pediatrics to deliver coordinated care.

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