Our experts deliver the full spectrum of audiology services to children and adults of all ages. We offer comprehensive screening services, accurate diagnostics and effective treatments for hearing loss.

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Why choose UCLA Health for audiology services?

As leaders in audiology, our experts deliver outstanding care to babies, children and adults with hearing loss. You receive tailored audiology testing, diagnostic evaluations and treatments and world-class care from a dedicated team. Highlights of our program include:

Coordination and teamwork: To streamline care and deliver comprehensive treatments, our audiology doctors and professionals communicate with experts across departments at UCLA Health. We work closely with otologists, pediatricians and primary care doctors to provide individualized care.

Convenience and accessibility: We’re committed to delivering quality, accessible care. Interpreters are available for nearly every non-English language. We also offer remote visits for select services.

Expertise in cochlear implants: Our cochlear implant program is one of the largest in California. Since 1997, we have provided implants to hundreds of infants, children and adults of all ages. Specialists across the nation recognize us as experts in cochlear implant surgery and care.

Patient-centered care:  As your partners in health care, we’re dedicated to finding the treatments that work best for you. Our team customizes each treatment plan specifically for each patient.

Wide range of options: We’re proud to offer one of the most comprehensive selections of hearing aids available. You can choose from many different manufacturers, types and features, at all price points. Our experts explain each option and work with you to find the one that suits your budget, lifestyle and needs. We also offer a range of programs and services, from hearing-loss prevention to education and support.

Our audiology services

UCLA Health audiologists offer the full spectrum of care, from screening and hearing-loss prevention to treatments and support. Our audiology professionals care for newborns, children and adults of all ages. We focus on early intervention and tailored treatments to ensure the best possible outcome. Our services include:

Newborn hearing screenings and treatments

Our team offers comprehensive hearing care for newborns and infants. If a follow-up appointment is necessary, we provide further evaluation and diagnosis. Our experts work seamlessly with each baby’s primary care physician, as well as specialists in genetics, otology and speech pathology to deliver thorough care. We’re highly skilled at providing customized treatments for our youngest patients.

We work with your child and your entire family to help you get the most out of treatments and to support you along the way. Through education and family counseling, we teach you how to use your child’s hearing devices and/or assistive listening devices. We also work with you to encourage your child’s speech and language development, improve their communication skills and help them reach important milestones.

Evaluations and treatments for children

Our audiologists specialize in helping children with chronic ear infections, speech delays and hearing loss from a wide range of causes. We deliver effective treatments, and we adjust as children grow and their needs change. Our team works with your child’s developmental pediatrician and speech pathologist to deliver outstanding care.

Advanced care for teenagers and adults

We conduct a comprehensive evaluation to determine the extent of hearing loss and the cause. Our audiology experts offer the latest treatments, including digital hearing aids and cochlear implants. You’ll receive effective treatments and support in a compassionate environment.

Preventive care

We focus on early intervention and prevention. Our experts provide consultations and customized prevention plans for children and adults at a higher risk of hearing loss. We have extensive experience working with musicians and people who work in noisy environments. We offer education, awareness and custom-made ear plugs to help prevent hearing loss and deafness.

Hearing loss conditions we treat

More than 37 million adults in the United States have some difficulty hearing. About 3 in 1,000 babies are born with hearing loss. UCLA Health audiologists have experience treating hearing loss that results from a wide range of causes, including:

  • Chronic ear infections in children
  • Congenital (present at birth) hearing loss, which is the most common childhood congenital disorder
  • Craniofacial disorders, including Treacher Collins syndrome
  • Genetic disorders, such as Waardenburg syndrome
  • Infection and illness, such as Meniere’s disease
  • Noise exposure
  • Normal aging process
  • Trauma and damage to the ear

Hearing loss treatments we offer

Our audiology experts individualize each treatment to fit your needs. We carefully consider your age, lifestyle and goals, and work closely with you and your family to determine the best plan. In addition to treatments, we educate you and your family about hearing loss and conditions that affect hearing. We support you throughout your treatment at UCLA Health.
Treatments we offer include:

Hearing aids

UCLA Audiology Clinic dispenses professionally fit hearing aids from the top manufacturers in the hearing industry.  These include digital, wireless and rechargeable hearing aids with additional features such as connectivity and streaming.  An individual consultation is provided for all patients to assist in selecting appropriate devices.  Evidence-based practice is used to program hearing aids to optimize speech intelligibility.

Cochlear implants

A cochlear implant is a surgically implanted device that stimulates nerves in the ear to restore hearing. Our audiologists work closely with head and neck surgeons before, during and after surgery. Prior to surgery, we meet with you to review your needs. Together, we discuss your goals and decide on the most appropriate type of implant to use.

After the surgeon places the implant during an outpatient procedure, our experienced audiologists turn on, or activate, the implant. We program the implant and adjust the sound during an interactive process called “mapping.” During this process, we use your (or your child’s) feedback to optimize the implant’s effectiveness and allow you to hear a range of sounds.

We have experience delivering cochlear implants to patients of all ages, from under age 1 to 100 years. Many of our patients have a cochlear implant in one ear and a hearing aid in the other. Advanced technology allows the two devices to communicate with each other, improving the overall hearing experience.

Bone-anchored hearing systems

For some people, a hearing aid or cochlear implant may not be an option. As leaders in audiology, we specialize in bone-anchored hearing systems. These devices can help children and adults with ear malformations or deafness in only one ear.

Bone-anchored hearing systems help you or your child hear by sending a vibration to the inner ear through the skull. We offer bone-anchored devices that can be worn with a headband. We also implant the devices surgically.

Aural rehabilitation

UCLA Health’s aural rehab helps people with all types of devices hear better and interpret sounds more effectively. Our experts offer several programs that train the brain to hear with a new device, such as a cochlear implant. These programs teach your brain how to use the auditory information it’s receiving. It takes time to learn how to hear with these devices. Our experts are by your side to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your hearing-loss treatments.

Audiologic counseling

UCLA Health audiologists educate, empower and support you and your family. Our comprehensive approach to care includes classes, workshops and information sessions. We also connect you with other resources, including teachers of the deaf. Through support groups, you and your family can learn from others and share your experiences. We provide:

  • Education and awareness about accessing available treatments and services
  • Strategies and skills to help people with hearing loss communicate with hearing people
  • Tips to enhance the effectiveness of your hearing aid, cochlear implant or bone-anchored device and become accustomed to it more quickly
  • Ways to cope with hearing loss

Meet our team

Our expert team of audiology professionals includes audiologists who specialize in the latest treatments for hearing loss. We work closely with otologists, developmental pediatricians, speech-language pathologists and head and neck surgeons to deliver tailored, comprehensive care.

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