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Scheduling by Phone

Scheduling Online

  • If you would like to schedule a hearing exam for a patient who is older than 6 years, we invite you to schedule your appointment online.
  • For all other appointments, we require additional information in order to schedule appropriately.
  • If you are a proxy for another person you can make appointments on his or her behalf.
  • To take advantage of online scheduling, you must have a myUCLAhealth account.

Getting Started

  • Login to your myUCLAhealth account.
  • Click on Menu and then Schedule an Appointment.
  • Select Other Services and then Hearing Test.
  • Please make sure to read all scheduling instructions before making your appointment.

What is myUCLAhealth?

  • Patients can now communicate securely with their care team, schedule appointments with doctors and review health history and more online.
  • Ask about registration for myUCLAhealth during your office visit or visit myUCLAhealth to learn more.