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The UCLA Audiology Clinic provides a full range of hearing aid services, including hearing aid and hearing aid accessory dispensing and repair.

Hearing aids are indicated for all degrees of hearing loss, from mild to profound. Properly fitted hearing aids provide good benefit in most listening situations.  They allow you to remain connected to your environment and help to keep you engaged in your social settings. UCLA Audiologists ensure that hearing aids are appropriately fitted for your individual hearing loss and ear shape by measuring your RECD (real-ear to coupler difference) while you are wearing the hearing aid to ensure that the program is accurate. 


At UCLA, hearing aids of all prices, types, models and from most major manufacturers are available for purchase. Audiologists meet with patients and family members to go through a comprehensive audiologic rehabilitation consultation, which includes an assessment of the patient's needs, preferences, and budget.

As required by state law, all hearing aids are provided with a 45-day right-to-return policy. 

FAQ's About Hearing Aids

  1. Properly-fitted hearing aids provide improved understanding of speech in most environments.
  2. While hearing aids do not "block out background noise", today's hearing aid circuits allow noise to be  managed for greater comfort.
  3. You will get the most benefit from your hearing aids when you wear them every day. It takes time to become accustomed to hearing aids, and the more you wear them, the more comfortable all sounds will be.
  4. Hearing aid prices can vary depending on the style and features.
  5. Hearing aid prices include professional services of audiologist in the selection, fitting, verification and validation, as well as long-term maintenance while the hearing aids are under the manufacturer's original warranty. 
  6. There are many types, styles, manufacturers and prices of hearing aids.  The "best" hearing aids are those that are fitted for a) your hearing loss; b) the size and shape of your ear, and c) your budget.
  7. Hearing changes over time; it is necessary to have regular hearing evaluations so that that hearing aids can be re-programmed if necessary.
  8. Those who need hearing aids and do not use them are more likely to become socially isolated, depressed and can experience decline in memory and cognition.

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