Biologic for Fusion and BMP-Cellect

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Perhaps one of the most important discoveries in the area of spine surgery has been the discovery of the body's own natural growth factors which are important for the stimulation of bone growth as well as spinal fusion.

Researchers in the UCLA Department of Orthopedic Surgery first discovered these proteins, called bone morphogenetic proteins (BMP), some of which are currently available for use in spinal fusion.

In continuing with the UCLA tradition in leading the world in the area of growth factors, the surgeons at the UCLA Comprehensive Spine Center are involved in several FDA clinical studies utilizing these bone morphogenetic proteins for use in spinal fusion. When using these growth factors, there may be no need to take a separate bone graft from the patient for the spinal fusion. This results in faster recovery time and less pain from the surgical procedure.

If you are considering spinal surgery and would like to find out more about these growth factors or would like to be considered for one of the several studies, please contact the UCLA Comprehensive Spine Center at 310-319-DISK (3475). You may view the minimally-invasive sextant fusion surgery.