Getting Ready for Endocrine Surgery | UCLA Endocrine Center

In this video, Dr. Michael Yeh, an endocrine surgeon at UCLA Health, explains how to prepare for endocrine surgery. Before surgery, it's natural to have questions. Jot them down to ensure nothing's missed during your consultation. Once you're set on surgery, a UCLA Health scheduler will help you choose a date and location among our three centers. Leading up to your surgery, eat a balanced diet with lean protein and exercise 20 minutes each day to prep your body.

Around three weeks before your surgery date, we'll help you finalize pre-oerative tasks and insurance arrangements to minimize financial stress. Fasting is important. Avoid solid food for eight hours before surgery and clear liquids for two hours before. Plan to arrive about two hours ahead of the surgery time. If you live an hour away or more, plan to be in the West L.A. area three hours prior. The operating room nursing staff will guide you through the pre-op process. If you have any questions or concerns, talk to your doctor. Learn more about endocrine surgery at UCLA Health.

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