Frequently Asked Questions

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The Kidney Exchange Program offers more patients access to a donor kidney. Call 310-825-6836 to learn more.

If you are a kidney donor, please contact the Living Donor Line at 866-672-5333.

What are the benefits of participating in an exchange program?

Receive a kidney sooner, maybe before requiring dialysis.

Receive a living donor kidney, which on average lasts longer than a deceased donor kidney. 

Receive a better matched kidney, which would potentially require fewer drugs and last longer.

Provides a very rewarding experience for the donor since multiple families are helped by the donation. 

Can I join the program even if I have a compatible donor?

Yes, even if you have a compatible donor, you and your donor can join. In fact, the program may enable you to receive a kidney from a younger donor, or a better matched kidney.

Some donors, especially those with O blood types, may want to participate because of the opportunity to help more than one recipient.

Can the exchange families meet?

Once the transplant has taken place, if the other patients agree, you will have the opportunity to meet the other families involved in the exchange.

How do we get started?

Interested donors may contact our program by telephone at 310-825-6836 or by completing a Living Donor Intake Form below and faxing it back to (310) 983-3628 for review by our Living Donor Team.

What is a Kidney Chain?

A kidney donor chain creates opportunities for endless recipient-donor pairings. It starts with an altruistic donor - someone who wants to donate a kidney out of the goodness of his or her heart. Visit the Kidney Chain page to learn more.

What is Kidney Swap?

If a donor and recipient have a different blood type, they can exchange their kidneys with another donor and recipient pair in a similar situation. Visit the Kidney Swap page to learn more.