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At UCLA Health, we offer hope to patients who need lung transplants.

Call 310-825-6068 to learn more about the Lung Transplant Program.

If you are post-transplant patient seeking transfer of care, please call our office for more information.

Our physicians and researchers have made major advances in lung transplant and transplant of other organs. As a result, our patients know they will receive the latest and best care.

Our team has a wide range of knowledge in science that improves lung transplant, heart transplant and heart/lung transplant. We constantly seek to improve our ability to bring life-extending therapy to patients with severe lung disease.

UCLA's History of Research Transformed Into Care

We are always engaged in groundbreaking clinical trials and research at UCLA. Our recent innovations include:

  • Better preserving donor organs with ex-vivo organ perfusion (such as the Organ Care System (OCS) "breathing lung" transplant technology)
  • New treatments and research protocols to minimize the risk of organ rejection
  • Making more donor organs available by expanding donor lung criteria to include older and more challenging patients
  • Making transplantation available to more patients 

Ongoing Innovations in Lung Transplant at UCLA

At UCLA, innovation never stops. We're collaborating with other centers to study lung transplant, as well as other research. This work includes:

  • Multiple clinical studies to improve patients' immunosuppressive regimen post-heart or lung transplant and to minimize side effects

  • Running a lab dedicated to inflammatory mediators in lung transplant, to refine our understanding of graft rejection

  • Hosting our own well-known immunogenetics lab

  • Managing a broad array of other research

Upcoming Research Opportunities in UCLA's Lung Program

UCLA pulmonologists are aware of all current research studies and will offer patients and their families opportunities for any medically appropriate opportunities to participate in research.