Male Genitourinary Reconstruction

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Male Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery

UCLA Urology is at the forefront of male reconstructive urological surgery, offering comprehensive services for men with reconstructive needs. Our fellowship-trained urologic surgeons are experts in treating complex disorders of the male urethra and genitourinary system. 

What Is Male Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery? 

Male genitourinary reconstruction involves surgery to treat obstructing scar tissue in the urethra that can lead to urinary symptoms associated with difficulty urinating. Reconstructive surgery treatment is also available for post-procedure urinary leakage, urethral injury, and fistulas.   

What are the conditions treated with male genitourinary reconstructive surgery? 

  • Urethral strictures 
  • Urethral fistula 
  • Urethral injury associated with pelvic fracture and trauma 
  • Urethral injury 
  • Urinary incontinence 
  • Acquired buried penis 
  • Adult failed hypospadias repairs

What are the benefits of male reconstructive surgery?  

The urinary channel in the lower male urinary tract will be restored to achieve proper urinary function, helping you resume your normal activities and enjoy a healthy life.

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