Gigi's Story


Genisee Grace, or Gigi as we call her, has always been a special kid with a brilliant mind. Kind of like a grown-up trapped in a kid’s body. She learned to read as a toddler and actually doesn’t remember a time when she couldn’t read. She absolutely loves learning and most nights, she falls asleep with a book in her hand. Her favorite subject in school is even grammar, for goodness sake! When she is not reading books, you will find her in the kitchen baking away all her favorite desserts!

Gigi’s brilliant mind is matched only by her caring heart. She is so kind and she always puts others first. When Gigi was diagnosed with cancer, she would often console her parents when she would find them crying. “Everything is going to be okay” she would often say. When she learned she would lose all her hair, she couldn’t wait! It would be perfect for her Halloween costume as Eleven from Stranger Things.

Gigi has had to face a lot of fears throughout this difficult challenge. She is brave, but she’s shed a lot of tears. She’s had so many highs and lows and still many more lie ahead. Genisee would not have been able to make it this far if it weren’t for the brilliant minds and the kind hearts of everyone who has treated her at the UCLA Medical Center. Since her first night in the hospital, Gigi has felt part of the UCLA family. Genisee feels honored again to participate as an honorary captain at the 2018 UCLA Dribble for the cure.

UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital is pleased to join forces with the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation (PCRF) for the 11th Anniversary of the Dribble for the Cure event.