UCLA Health Marina del Rey primary and immediate care clinics harness the power of teamwork and network


The 2 sites are less than a mile apart, convenient for back-to-back appointments.

What’s more frustrating than having to take off several hours of the workday to visit the doctor? For a lot of people, it’s having to schedule sometimes several appointments for tests or referrals that come after that initial visit. Often those appointments might require travel to a different location miles away from where you started, taking up even more of your day.

During the 2021 health insurance open enrollment period, many Los Angeles residents are shopping for insurance that gives them access to care that works on their schedule — not the other way around.

Marina del Rey Primary Care opened its doors in April to offer UCLA Health patients in the Venice – Marina del Rey – Playa Vista corridor streamlined options for care. The new primary care clinic, at 13160 Mindanao Way, complements the existing Immediate Care Center less than one mile away at 4560 Admiralty Way.

“It’s really convenient for same-day visits,” says Dr. Young Jeon, pediatrics primary care physician. “For instance, if I have a child who may have a fracture, I can just send them down the road for X-rays without having to make an appointment.”

The Primary Care clinic and Immediate Care Center have a symbiotic relationship, which “helps patients remain healthy and lends for a seamless care experience,” says Dr. Tom Kuo, immediate care and emergency medicine physician.

For example, he says, a patient who comes to the Immediate Care Center for an acute problem, but who does not have a primary care physician, will get referred to the Primary Care clinic.

It works the other way around too, Kuo says: “If a patient who normally sees their PCP at the Marina del Rey Primary Care clinic needs immediate attention, they can be seen at the Immediate Care Center for evaluation.”

Physicians at the Marina del Rey Primary Care clinic provide patients with pediatrics care, preventive health care, contraceptive management, LGBTQ++ health, family planning consultation and sports medicine, all while taking protective measures against COVID-19 transmission. They also make it easy to connect with patients by using mobile scheduling and safe, digital access to their medical records.

The Marina del Rey Primary Care clinic is at 13160 Mindanao Way, Suite 301. For information, call 310-301-0230 or visit uclahealth.org/marinadelrey.

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