UCLA Health Says Yes


“I was told surgery was too complicated or that they could only remove half the tumor because they were afraid they would nick my spinal cord,” says 59-year-old Flo Silverman, who had two neurosurgeons reject her case before seeking help at UCLA Health. “I had a big tumor in my cervical spine, in the C2 to C4, which was causing a lot of pressure and symptoms. When I met Dr. Luke Macyszyn, I said, ‘I hope you won’t say no to me.’ He looked at me really softly and said, ‘I can help you. I’ll take care of you.’ I was so elated., I thought, now, I’m sure I’ll survive. You can tell when a doctor is telling you the truth. They scheduled me for surgery right away. I had the surgery on a Tuesday and on Wednesday morning I went home. I was doing so well. UCLA made me live again.”