Endocrine Success Story

Endocrine Success Story - Dr. Srikanthan
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October 30, 2020
By uclahealth
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Testimonial: Endocrine Treatment at UCLA

“Thanks again to Dr. Srikanthan for not giving up, following her intuition while listening to my symptoms, and helping me finding my health again! ” —Valeria

I would like to endorse the detailed and caring approach of Dr Srikanthan. She treats her patients as human beings and she has a rare quality for listening to them and to their symptoms too.

I highly recommend her as an endocrinologist and as a physician, as she has been the only one who I felt listened to me in my very long journey through inexplicably high blood pressure for 17 years with different GPs, endocrinologists, cardiologists and other physicians. Except for her none listened or saw me. I had very low blood pressure until i was 40, when I suddenly suffered from very high blood pressure. No medication I was given would work. I ended up in ERs in the States and Europe. I was monitored, did endless tests, Holter, sleep studies etc, and was given different medications over the years -and none would work.

I was overjoyed when she finally found out my condition one year ago. I suffered from an adrenal tumor, and it was a real disease. I was always told I was just stressed or suffered from white coat syndrome going to doctors, or I would eat badly. I eat healthy, am balanced and positive, and under pressure as anyone else can be in their daily lives Not only they were wrong but to me it was frustrating, humiliating and painful too.

Dr Srikanthan drove me through complicated tests that unfortunately took a few years. She was always positive though there was a solution: my adrenal gland. She did succeed! Happily, after my recent adrenalectomy surgery at UCLA with Dr. Yeh, I am back now to be myself and to my low blood pressure thanks to Dr Preethi Srikanthan.

I strongly suggest to follow her in a journey through labs and exams, unpleasant though they may be. Finally she will bring you the light through that tunnel, as high blood pressure is extremely dangerous to our health.

Not only Dr. Srikanthan is qualified, but she is human as a physician should be, talented and a great listener of your very symptoms.

I am delighted that she operates now in the new UCLA Beverly Hills Clinic where it is finally easier to take all the tests and labs needed in cases like mine. Luckily now, none of her patients would wait years, go through long waits from medical insurance, suffer for no reason, take tons of useless medications, suffer from side effects, and have their heart and arteries deteriorated because of that.

Thanks again to Dr. Srikanthan for not giving up, following her intuition while listening to my symptoms, and helping me finding my health again!