Fun With Ben Flyin

December 20, 2019
By uclahealth
1 min read

“We have distributed at least 10,000 bears worldwide,” remarks Sally Campbell (second from right), a United flight attendant retiree. “We’re bringing Ben Flyin Adventure Bears to the children at UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica. My belief is that the children who are facing the challenges they are in the hospital need their spirits uplifted. I think having the flight crews come visit and speak to them does lift their spirits. They think about travel and the world, and it’s very inspiring. What I like is that we not only get the meet the children in the hospital, but we get to meet the siblings and the parents. We have extra Ben Flyin bears for the siblings as well. With the United Airlines passport activity book, they can literally go around the world and fill out fun stuff about different countries. It’s fun for the children.”