Jerry & Amy's Story

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Timmy in Kaua

Patient Stories - Jerry & Amy

Hi guys

It's...Jerry, Amy and 'lil Timmy...we're all doing great!

We just had our first pediatrician visit this afternoon and everything is looking terrific. Timmy gained back the weight he lost and is now at 8 lb 8 oz; his birth weight was 8 lb 7 oz.

We just wanted to say a special thanks to the two women we owe the most. Your dedication, persistence, knowledge and overall expertise in your field is hands down, the reason Amy was able to deliver naturally.

Timmy at the UCLA Inverted Fountain

I was just sitting here looking at little Timmy and wanted to send you a big hug and say thank you once again. I realize you must receive thanks like this all the time, but we truly appreciate EVERYTHING you did for us and we will never forget you two.

Susan for hanging in there with us throughout your entire shift and Shadman for being there at the end to make sure we did everything humanly possible to deliver our child naturally.

Timmy at the UCLA Inverted Fountain

We know we were close to having the doctors take our baby and we both feel in our hearts that had it not been for your guidance and never-ending desire to keep pushing (ha, ha...poor choice of words) forward, we know the outcome could have been much different.

Susan, Shadman...we love you both!! We both have friends going to UCLA for their babies and we plan on conveying to them what a wonderful experience we had through the midwifery clinic.

Keep doing what you're're both great!! We'll see you in 5 weeks for Amy's follow up.

Jerry, Amy & Timmy