#1 Top Choice Surgeon

UCLA Health article

I did a lot of my own research online before having parathyroid surgery. Originally I thought I would go to Tampa, Florida. But as I continued my research, I found videos of Dr. Michael Yeh. I saw that he was experienced, he had a good reputation and he was local. After an initial visit, I chose him for surgery. It was great that my insurance Blue Shield covered my treatment at UCLA. It was an excellent experience. When I checked in for surgery, lots of people cared for me including extra attention due to my heart condition. Everyone was very warm and I was at center stage.. The surgery was minimally invasive. I went home, followed instructions and then called with questions about a sensation I was having. Dr. Yeh told me it was normal, typical symptoms and to take calcium and Vitamin D. I had my post-op visit today. It went well. Dr. Yeh told me I can go with my life with nothing to worry about. I really appreciate all the staff - Jen, the physician's assistant, Claudia, all the people at the front desk. All are nice and courteous and make the patient #!. The surgical staff was great too. That's why I chose UCLA. I would recommend Dr. Yeh to anyone - he's a #1 top choice surgeon.