A Happy Ending

UCLA Health article

I've been having a problem with hyperthyroidism for 35 years, but I always put it off because I felt well and never felt a need for treatment. When I visited Dr. Yeh 3 years ago due to high Calcium levels in my blood test, I was advised to do something about it. Recently, I had a bad experience with a kidney stone and had to go to the hospital to get it shattered. This was the turning point for me, and I decided to take action.

Dr. Yeh has a very calming demeanor and reassured me that he does a lot of these operations safely and successfully. My family was anxious for me to undergo this surgery and I felt very frightened. After the surgery, we were surprised by how simple the procedure was and I felt great coming out of the surgery. There was no pain afterwards and after getting the bandage removed the scar was barely visible. We would recommend anyone with high Calcium levels not to be afraid and go forward with the surgery if necessary. I highly recommend Dr. Yeh - his bedside manners are exceptional and he made himself available to answer any questions. Santa Monica hospital was wonderful and the team that Dr. Yeh works with is outstanding as well.