A quick fix

UCLA Health article

Every step of the way was very reassuring. Dr. Yeh is such a positive warm person. He looks at you deeply rather than superficially. The nurse practitioner was very warm and reassuring. I was given options and told the choice was up to me. Surgery or to just watch it. I chose surgery.

I was impressed with the video I was asked to watch prior to the surgery. It was user friendly ad easy to understand. The surgery was so easy. The prep in the hospital was good. It was efficient and all were on top of details. There was good follow-up.

I spent 10 hours in the hospital but the time went by very quickly. The staff was very available to my husband and made him very comfortable. Afterwards I had a bit of a sore throat and stiff neck but I did not need any pain meds. It was almost as if I hadn't had a procedure.

Put yourself in the hands of someone who is very experienced and does this all the time. Los Angeles is lucky to have the best medical care in all the world.

I feel very blessed this was discovered. It has made such a difference in my energy and dramatically reduced my joint pain. I would encourage anyone to go ahead with the surgery.