An Opera Singer's Story

UCLA Health article

When I was first diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism and a multi-nodular goiter the real possibility that I may lose my voice and my career as a professional opera singer and actor was frighting. My original consult with another surgeon left me seeking a second opinion and better options for me. My wife and I called a friend who works at UCLA and upon surveying her colleagues for a referral, Dr. Yeh's name kept coming up as the best possible choice for us. My initial meeting with Dr. Yeh's assistant put me at ease as he too had personal experience, through his father's recent health experience and the need to be as empathetic as possible with his patients. Dr. Yeh also put me at ease with his thorough and compassionate consult, assuring me that my health and well-being was important to him as well. He provided diagrams and a full picture of what I could expect and his team's commitment to doing all they can to protect my instrument, my voice. It has been an amazing experience. Two weeks after the surgery I am speaking normally, the scar is almost invisible. I am feeling great. Even though I can't sing yet I can still act and I expect to be back on the stage in 3 - 4 months. Thank you to Dr. Yeh and his amazing team of doctors, nurses and office staff.