UCLA Health article

About a week ago, I developed appendicitis. I went to the UCLA ED, which was close by since I am a student at UCLA. I was a bit nervous and anxious since I have never been to an ED without a parent. The nurses and other staff were very kind and comforting, but the 3 resident physicians whom I came into contact with were exceptionally informative, polite, and caring. I appreciate one general surgery resident’s efforts to speak to an insurance company for me to assure me that I could have surgery at UCLA. Another resident gave me all the pros and cons of surgery and guided me in choosing the best treatment plan. Lastly, a first year resident checked on me twice and made sure I was well informed with discharge information and post op care plans. They are very busy people, but the effort they all put into taking care of me was touching and I appreciate it very much. I hope to become doctors just like them. Thank you!