Charting Your Own Course


While you’re in labor, it’s like you’re in a cocoon with your family and nurse-midwife. You’re charting your own course in your own world, comfortably and naturally,” says Carliegh Garcia, who is expecting her fourth child in December.

“The birth process for my first three – all delivered by UCLA nurse midwives – was very straightforward. I hope that will be the case for this baby, too. But just outside my ‘cocoon’ I know there’s a whole medical center equipped with advanced technology, a NICU and specialists. That knowledge is a real comfort; it allows me to relax and be fully present during the delivery.

“Our baby is due in December. When he arrives, he’ll meet his brother and two sisters. Once home, he’ll meet our pets. My husband is a veterinarian, and we have an animal hospital, so there are quite a few. We’re actually in the process of adding on to our house to accommodate the baby as well as some new pets we’re adding to our menagerie; another dog, some more lizards, a few horses and several chickens. We’re looking forward to all of it.”

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