Chloes journey


Late 2016 , i began to noticed that chloe’s smile wasnt symmetric with the rest of her facial expressions. I wished that my eyes werent decieving me but as a mom you cant ignore things that you feel in your gut arent right. So as a mom would do I consulted with Chloes Pediatrician and did many follow ups after to see if there was progression or degression. Sadly there was no improvement. After meeting witb the Top physicians at UCLA the only way to improve chloes way of living was to have corrective Jaw surgery. As any parent this decision didn’t come easy for me. What made it possible was Chloe being in better health and trusting the medical teams expertise. Chloe is now in week 3 of her recovery and is doing well. Although we have a lot to look forward to during her recovery i speak Highly of Dr. Wayne Osaki and the medical staff who assisted him. UCLA treated my daughter as if she was the most important person in the entire hospital and for that i am forever grateful for their expertise and open hearts.