Decade of Maturation

UCLA Health article

As a junior in college, I was diagnosed with full kidney failure in 2007, and went on peritoneal dialysis in 2008 (my first choice). After a major peritonitis in 2010, I had to transfer to in-center hemodialysis. After transferring clinics a few times and moving, I was offered home hemodialysis with NxStage, with was much better (but still not as great as peritoneal). After almost 10 years on the waiting list, I finally received a deceased donor kidney at UCLA. It traveled from afar, and function was delayed for as long as 6 days, but the the flood gates opened. 5 months later, my parathyroid hormone levels were still extremely high without medication, so I was treated for tertiary hyperparathyroidism with an almost-total parathyroidectomy. As of one week after that surgery all of my levels look great and I feel better than I had at many times before.