Dr. Wang Saved My Life

UCLA Health article

Copy & paste from Yelp: i'm just now searching online for Dr. Wang's info to share with a friend, and am sad to see UCLA Head & Neck Surgery with 3 sad little stars. Friends, i have news for you: after a rocky start with the department back in 2010, i was blessed to land in the hands of Dr. Marilene Wang and she saved my life. This is no joke. It took 20 years, including an ineffective surgery with some hack surgeon in Encino, to find her and get my uncommon sinus condition correctly diagnosed and addressed. i had raging, debilitating migraines that regularly knocked me out of work, life, you name it. i saw Dr after Dr and right around the time my ex-husband was trying to convince me my illness was psychosomatic - i wanted to be sick, you know? And how was i to know he wasn't right? Well, i believed in myself, found UCLA Head and Neck, and Dr. Wang performed the surgery of my life. There's my life before the surgery, and my life after. i sent her Thank You cards to her for a couple of years after the surgery and then my life turned upside down & is just now kind of getting back to normal. But i digress. Dr. Wang, i sure hope you read this. i have tears in my eyes remembering the look on your face after the operation was complete and you visited me in recovery & shared about the amount of wreckage & goo you had removed from my head. And - the migraines disappeared. Like magic. Not too long before the operation, i found myself in the ER and they were giving me *dialaudid* for the pain (it didn't work. only demerol did). To not have that in my life anymore is a blessing. i am indebted to you. Deeply Grateful.