Dr. Yeh- Direct, to the point, gave me confidence

UCLA Health article

My doctor noted something and did an ultrasound which led to a discovery of nodules. Dr. Nazemi on La Cienega did biopsies and found a cyst, a calcified nodule and one that was cancerous. I got a referral to a doctor at Cedars and one at UCLA. I chose Dr. Yeh. Dr. Yeh was prompt with answers.

I didn't tell anyone except my family that I had cancer but I wasn't afraid. The thyroid is shaped like a butterfly. My mother had always called me a butterfly. Now the butterfly is gone.

The surgery went well. I got to go home the same day. I didn't need radiation and the scar barely shows. I never felt like I had cancer. A friend of mine is now seeing Dr. Yeh. I told him, don't think about it. Do what they tell you to do and don't worry about it.

Thank God my General Practitioner saw this and we go it taken care of quickly. My suggestion is - don't tell a lot of people and start the drama. Keep it simple - don't fuel it. Don't feed into it - only tell the people close to you. Focus on what's in front of you. It is what it is - you can't change it. Get in and get out. I don't even think of myself as a cancer survivor.

I told my friend, "You've gone to the right guy in Dr. Yeh. He gave me confidence to just show up with minimal nervousness. I am happy I made this decision.